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Welcome to Paws First Aid



Thank you very much for visiting our page. As you may have noticed, it has shrunk a lot. It has taken me far too long to announce my news on Facebook, and I sort of forgot that I still had a website too...

After our last class last July, we have decided to stop teaching our pet first aid classes for several reasons:

- I would very much like to become a Herbalist and return to school to study this. However, I had too many things going on at the same time and had to make some room to allow myself to pursue these new dreams. It is my hope to be able to combine herbalism with animals and still provide a way to help animals in a medical environment, but it may take a few years before I get there

- With most of our classes we operated at a loss or barely broke even. While for many years this didn't matter much, as we wanted to share our life-saving knowledge to help as many pets as possible when they needed it, it became more and more difficult and discouraging to put on classes without receiving any compensation for our time and efforts

- After the passing of Chiko and Harry 2 years ago, our classes were never quite the same. Harry and Chiko were a huge part of each class and loved being there. While Jake loved the attention, and Dutchie loved helping by being a patient, Jake very much disliked being a patient and Dutchie's old age and age related issues caused some difficulties. Now, just over 6 months later, Dutchie's body has deteriorated a lot to the point that he needs help in getting up and walking around without falling or sliding onto the floor. Knowing this now, my decision to stop allowed us to end on a good and positive note for which I am extremely grateful

- Lastly, and most importantly, my heart was no longer in teaching the classes as it was when I began teaching 7 years ago. I felt that my students and animals deserved to learn from someone who still was passionate about sharing pet first aid, and I decided that in addition to all of the above, it was better to step aside to allow someone else to step in

This website will remain up with links to every business who has taken our class, hosted us, and been a recipient of our Holiday charity donation drive so that you and your clients can always come and verify whether someone has taken our class. Please do remember that everyone's certificate will expire 3 years after completing the course, at which point they can re-certify with any Walks 'N' Wags instructor

We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching each of our students and we want to thank you for giving us the chance to share our knowledge and skills with you and your dogs, and to give us room to grow and improve with each class

Throughout the years, we have had a lot of fun (at times, probably more than should be legal haha) and loved not only being your teacher, but also your student, as we learned an incredible amount of things from you in each of our classes

The dogs and I want to thank everyone for supporting us by joining, and sometimes returning to our classes; for sending your staff to our classes; for hosting us; and supporting us by sharing our classes and pictures and supporting us during the Holiday Charity Drives

It has been a tremendous pleasure to teach you all and an incredible experience that we will never forget.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for all your support and love throughout the years 

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